Our story begins in 2003 with the small tile warehouse in the New Ring.

Only after two years as a small business operating only within the country, the ambitious Billa family sought to import quality products from abroad and in 2007 Billa & Co was established in the Tirana Industrial Area by importing tiles directly from Spain to bring to the Albanian market tiles with cheaper price than the whole market. This working principle, “selling only quality products at the best price while earning very little” made the new company Billa more reliable, being welcomed by the entire national market.

In 2008 Billa’s growth was rapid, the company expanded its activity by investing massively in infrastructure and logistics and after 3 years of successful sales in the wholesale market, Billa as a leading distributor of tiles in the country, moved in 2011 to retail tile market with two showrooms in Tirana and Durres.

The expansion and entry into the retail market of Billa Albania created confidence in the international arena of the bathroom furnitures business, making it possible that only a few months after the start of retail sales, the giant international brand Ideal Standard trusted us exclusively in 2012 distribution of its own sanitary products in Albania. From that day of cooperation with Ideal Standard, at Billa Albania you will find the products of the sanitary ware with the brand with the best quality-price ratio than anywhere in Albania.

Also in 2012, two other retail showrooms were opened in Lushnja and Kavaja and a year later in 2013, the fifth retail showroom in the Tirana Industrial Zone started, opening the way for recognition by customers in Tirana of the Billa brand already nationally confirmed.

It was 2014 when Billa, from a family business turned into an internationally ambitious corporation opening in the heart of Western Europe, its company Billa Benelux in Belgium which started its activity in the wholesale of tiles. The tireless and correct work of Ylli, the elder brother of the Billa family and the favorable market in the Netherlands make the Billa Benelux mark 70% annual growth.

Our successful company in Belgium brought a fundamental structural change for the corporation, turning it into an important actor in the international market and made possible the opening of the way for tile exports to countries in the region in 2015 when the first export to Kosovo began, Macedonia and Montenegro.

Also in 2015, the German giant Henkel, with its company Ceresit, leader since 1905 in the production of building materials in Germany, after a ceremony organized at Billa Albania, entrusted us with the exclusivity of distributing quality German products in our country. The superior Bautechnik quality of building materials such as adhesive mortar, grouts and waterproofing materials from Henkel can be found in Albania exclusively at Billa Albania Showrooms and its partners.

2015 was the year when the sixth showroom of Billa Albania in Lezha would be added, making the quality products of the company accessible for the northern area of ​​the country.

The category of Laminates and Parquets was added to the company’s product range in 2016, importing quality laminate flooring from Austria. Currently the Swisskrono and AGT brands supply the Albanian market with their products through Billa Albania.

In 2016, in the southern part of Albania the new Billa Showroom in Saranda joined our retail chain shops, completing the coverage of the entire territory of the Albanian Riviera with the quality products in construction industry.

At the same time, intensive works began in the Industrial Areai of Tirana for the construction of the Flagship Showroom with the largest exhibition area of ​​Tiles, Parquets and Sanitary Ware with the vision of creating a customer service environment in a style. previously unrealized industrial in Albania in the construction industry.

In 2017 Billa was ranked first in marketshare and opened with the opening of the eighth Billa showroom in the city of Fier, Billa Albania staff exceeds 100 people. In the same year, the company Billa established supply relations with the world laminate production giant Swisskrono and with the largest laminate manufacturer in Southeast Europe, AGT.

A big event for Billa Company during 2018 was the opening of the largest Billa Showroom in the Balkans, bringing to our customers magnificent and ultra-modern exhibition environments like never before in the Tile, Parquet and Sanitary ware industry.

A special occasion that coincided with the opening of the showroom was the inauguration of the new company Billa Home, bringing quality furniture products from Italy and Denmark in order to complete the range of products with furnishing of homes of our customers.

It was Billa Home that took Billa Albania to a new dimension in the all-Albanian space, but Billa’s ambition was much bigger, it was Western European. After a tireless work of Ylli in Belgium, in November 2019 3 showrooms were opened on the same day in Belgium. Billa Benelux from a successful Wholesale Company in Western Europe became an important player in the retail sale of tiles in the Netherlands and beyond.

In parallel with the opening of 3 showrooms in Belgium, intensive work continued in Spain for the construction of the Central Distribution Warehouse in Castillon with a storage capacity of 1,500,000 m² and in 2019 the distribution branch in Spain Villa Ceramica opened its Showroom and Warehouse. This magnificent event for Billa culminated with the participation of Villa Ceramica in the annual world fair of presentation of ceramic products but this time no longer on the side of the buyer but the seller.

It was an event that made us all feel proud of the achievements of Billa executives so far like no other in the tile industry in Albania.

Currently the Billa Group has over 180 employees across Europe and all of our motivated staff always has a model to follow at Billa Company, the successful model of dedication and honest practices that characterizes company executives and the Billa family.

Our 13 showrooms, 10 in Albania and 3 in Belgium, are characterized by the highest standards of doing business and offer the most reliable service in the market making us proud as over 85% of our customers have returned to our company retrieving the dedicated service along with quality products at the best price on the market.